Why I Became a Career Coach?



Why I became a career coach?


Career direction was actually something I thought about from a very young age. I remember the dreaded question asked by many of the adults in my life as a child, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I never had a clue how to answer...

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Overcoming Procrastination

I am a small business owner which means I know only too well about the challenge of staying focused on a daily basis and holding myself accountable for my actions.  Having my own business is great in so many ways, I can choose my own hours and I love the fact that I am my own boss...

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Radio Interview on Business Matters Show, South East Radio - All things Career

Radio Interview on Business Matters


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Work Life Balance Talk - Mum Talks Dublin

Recently, I had the pleasure of being one of three speakers on the panel at a Mum Talks monthly meet-up which was held in Café en Seine in Dublin.  I spoke alongside two other speakers, Lucy Wolfe – Ireland's best-known sleep consultant and Liadán Hynes - freelance journalist...

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Nicola Mulhall South East Radio Interview

Interview on Stress South East Radio



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Understanding Work Life Balance

We live in a digital world that never sleeps and as a result, our lives are faster paced than ever and there is an

expectation for us to be always switched on. This has led to less balance in our lives. Over the past five years,

Ireland has fallen from 9th to...

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Are you suffering from impostor syndrome?

Do you feel inadequate?

Do you feel like a fraud and feel as though at any moment you will be found out?

Do you feel like a failure despite your successes?

Do you believe that you’re not as competent as others think you are?

Do you have a constant fear of failure?

If the...

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Is fear getting in your way?

Are you feeling stuck? What’s standing in your way of having the life or career you really want? Perhaps it’s fear that’s holding you back? 

We all have fears; fear of failure, rejection or maybe even a fear of success! These fears, if we let them can keep us from...

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Life and Career Coach

What I do – Life and Career Coaching 

I am a life and career coach and a trainer and also a busy mum of 3 who works with people on how they can be fulfilled by both their career and family life. 

Being a busy mum of three; juggling my own business, family life and my own...

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