Leaving Cert Career Development Programme

Leaving Cert Career Development Programme

I love working with young people.  I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school and ended up working in the wrong industry.  It took me years to discover the right career path for me.  That is why I feel so passionate about helping students to identify their own skills, interests and abilities so that they can identify the best career to suit these.  I love helping them to gain an understanding of their potential, only then can they work towards it. 

My career direction programme for leaving cert students is delivered over two OR three separate sessions.

Session 1 – Coaching Session and Assessment

This programme will begin with a one-to-one coaching session where we will explore your son or daughter’s school experience, identifying their own unique set of strengths, abilities and interests.  They will then complete a personality assessment. 

Session 2 – Feedback Session

All information provided throughout the first coaching session will be analysed along with the answers provided in the assessment which will be studied in depth in advance of the second session.

The student will receive detailed feedback on the information provided throughout their first coaching session along with the results of their assessment and we will consider the type of work that suits them best.

Session 3 – CAO application (optional)

If extra assistance is needed to complete the CAO application form, an additional one on one coaching session can be provided.

Students will be asked to carry out some research from home ahead of this session.  They may be asked to do things such as attend college open days.  They will be asked to research courses of interest to get a sense of what their top 10 courses might be. They will then be given the task of gathering more information about each course and placing them in order of priority.

Their course choices will be explored in further detail throughout the session to ensure they are making well informed choices based on their interests, skills and abilities.