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Nicola Mulhall Life and Career Coach - My Story

My passion is helping others with career direction. This was actually something I thought about from a very young age. I remember the dreaded question asked by many of the adults in my life as a child, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I had no idea how to answer this! I remember feeling the pressure of this question from when I was really small, at times I even lied that I wanted to be a solicitor just to impress them but the truth was I had no idea what I was good at or what I’d enjoy doing! I had a feeling that I would enjoy working with people but I had no idea what that would look like in the working world!

I had two sisters who knew exactly what they wanted to do from a very early age… teaching and nursing. I wished that I too had a ‘calling’ but I really had no idea what would suit me so I ended up working in accounts which was definitely the wrong career for me! I did this for a number of years and ended up feeling deeply unfulfilled and stuck in an industry which held no meaning or purpose for me. I remember describing how I felt at the time as ‘dead inside’ and I knew there was no way I could do this for the rest of my life!

So, eventually after a number of years of working in accounts, I decided that enough was enough and I made the very challenging decision (with three small children) to return to college to do a degree. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made and this was when my whole world changed. I began to recognise my own unique strengths and abilities; I realised that I connected really easily with people of all ages and backgrounds and really enjoyed helping others to build their confidence and recognise their own brilliance.

After completing my degree in social studies, I went on to get a qualification in training and another in coaching. I finally found my passion for helping and supporting others to find the right career path for them. What I love most is when my clients have that ‘lightbulb moment’ when they realise what they are good at and what that looks like in the working world.

I have worked for the past few years with anybody from leaving cert students to college graduates along with a wide range of professionals right up to retirement age. I am so passionate about helping others to find their spark by identifying their own unique set of strengths, interests and abilities so that they can then choose the best career path for them.

My approach is very authentic and what you see is what you get. I have always had a genuine interest in people. I am an active listener who will support and encourage you. I will provide a warm and supportive environment for you, however I will also positively challenge you so that you will achieve maximum results from our coaching sessions. I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and face your limitations and challenges and in turn become the best version of yourself both personally and professionally.

I love watching others find the missing pieces of their life and career puzzle and find their own purpose and meaning in their work just as I have done. I work with anybody from leaving cert students and college graduates to a whole wide range of professionals right up to retirement age. I support them to make important career decisions, set meaningful goals and overcome any challenges they may face along the way. 

I do more than simply help others to prepare their CV’s and interview skills. I have learned from my own personal experiences and from the many clients that I have worked with that quite often it is ourselves standing in our own way of moving forward in our lives and careers.  This is why I work with clients on a deeper level.  I do a lot of work with clients around their own mindset.  From my own personal experience and the work that I have done with clients, I have a good understanding of how changing our mindset can change our outlook and perspective in life which can change our whole world.

The first step from my life and career direction programme is self-awareness.  You will get to know who you really are and what you truly want from your life.  From there, we will explore what’s keeping you stuck or holding you back from having the life and career you truly deserve.  This may range from current commitments, lack of support, low confidence levels and limiting beliefs you may hold about yourself.  We will work together to challenge these beliefs and develop new empowering beliefs so that long last changes can then occur in all areas of your life and career.  

Remember this is not a quick fix, for real change to occur we need to look at the whole person which is why we will explore the self before focusing on your career.

I offer a range of services such as one to one online sessions, along with my own unique life and career direction programme and a range of career related and mental health workshops.