I thought I’d share this feedback from one of my lovely clients, Deirdre, “I’m dreading this time ending and things going back to a normal I hate!”

Deirdre wants to work on creating a better balance in her life when this Covid crisis ends.  She is unhappy in her job and is sick of the rat race!

I’m sharing this with you because recently, I’m hearing this over and over from friends, family and clients.  Most of the enquiries I’m getting (which have been quite a lot lately!) have been from people who were unhappy with how their lives were before this crisis.

Some are looking for a different direction in their careers, some are simply looking for a better balance in their lives and some are looking for both.

One good thing to come out of this crisis for many has been the slow down which has given many of us time to pause, reflect and consider how we want our lives to be from now on.  For some people, that might be a career change and for others it might be creating a better balance.

It’s funny, before this crisis I helped many of my clients create a better balance in their lives.  I did talks on how to create a better work-life balance and avoid burnout and yet I found myself close to burnout.

I prioritised my work and lost sight of balance in my own life which is ironic but it just shows how quickly we can let things slip.

This slow down has helped me to take back control and make some changes like doing more work online from home to keep a better balance in my life when this all ends.

So how can you create a better balance? Well balance means something different to everyone.  So ask yourself what does it mean to you?  What changes can you make to take back control of your life and career?

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