Values – What is Important to YOU?


‘Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’ (Victor Frankl)


  • Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
  • How do you feel when you hear the statement – This is what you’ll be doing for the next 20 – 30 years?
  • What are you most proud to have achieved in relation to your job/career?
  • What are you motivated by in relation to work?


These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to try to uncover some of your own values.  Values are a part of our identity that give us meaning and purpose in our lives, they are the key to understanding what motivates us and gives us energy.  They help us to discover what drives us at work and in our lives.

When you’re looking for a new job or change of career, knowing and understanding your values is one of the most important factors that will guide your choices. Your career values represent what makes work meaningful to you.  Choosing work that aligns with your values will help you to avoid getting stuck in a job that makes you unhappy.  Honouring your values will lead to you feeling happier, energised, motivated and fulfilled.


What Do You Want From a Job?

Values vary greatly from person to person, what’s important to one person may not be important to someone else. We each have a set of values that are unique to us and these may change over time.  Some might seek career progression for example while another person might look for balance. Once you figure out what you value, you’ll have a better understanding of what motivates you and gives you energy.


Here are some examples of some career values:

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Social responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Having variety and change at work
  • Helping others
  • Feeling respected at work
  • Large salary
  • Setting your own hours
  • Career Progression
  • Work life balance – getting time to spend with friends and family


What are your own top career values? 

When you have identified your own values, write down ways your top values could be reflected in your ideal job.


Uncovering my own values

I remember uncovering my own set of values and this is probably the best exercise I have ever carried out in my life!  Knowing what is truly meaningful to me changed me from being very indecisive to becoming very focused, clear and confident in making important life and career decisions.  I have gone from feeling ‘dead inside’ and deeply unhappy working in the wrong industry to now working in my dream job.  I now get to help others who feel stuck to make meaningful life and career decisions every day.  Some of the values that I am honouring in this job are helping others, growth and development, being creative and setting my own hours.


Next Steps

To help you to unlock your own unique set of life and career values so that you can make career choices that will really fulfil you, check out my career direction programme


What Others Are Saying

“Nicola has certainly helped me to reach my potential in my career and life. I now have my dream job and the confidence to be the very best version of myself all thanks to Nicola’s professional advice. Highly recommend her coaching” (Una, Kilkenny)


“When I started Nicola’s career direction program, I felt completely stuck. I was at a crossroads and had no idea what road to take. Since working with Nicola, I now understand who I am, what I really want from my career and most importantly, I now have the confidence to follow my dreams. Nicola’s approach was very professional and supportive at the same time. She was very skilled at helping me to see my potential and get the most from myself” (Marie, Dublin)


“Nicola helped me to go from feeling stuck to believing in myself to make life-changing decisions. She helped me to clarify my goals and take action to make those goals a reality. She has the unique ability to quickly connect and listen and come highly recommended by me” (John, Wexford)












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