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5 Tips To Get Unstuck In Your Career


I will never forget the way I felt day in day out when I was stuck in a career that was not for me, I remember describing it as feeling ‘dead inside’.

I felt very lost at that time – I knew I couldn’t work in accounts anymore but I had no idea which direction to take.  As a result, I felt very stressed and frustrated. I was totally unmotivated in all areas of my life; I had really lost my mojo and didn’t how to get it back!  Without a sense of purpose, life felt very flat. I knew there had to be more and eventually decided that I deserved more!

Fast forward ten years and I’m doing a job that I really love.  I feel really fulfilled in my career now and I’m so glad I took the necessary steps to take me where I am today.  I am so passionate about helping people who feel stuck like I did to discover the right direction for them; whether that’s a change of career, a new job or even just improving their current work situation.

Based on my own experience of feeling so lost in my career, along with all of the work that I do every day with others to help them to find their own path, I have developed 5 Top Tips To Help You Get Unstuck…


  1. Figure out what you really want

What’s important to you?  What are your life and career values?  What excites and motivates you?  To be truly fulfilled in your career it’s not enough to be good at your job, it also needs to excite you!


  1. What is your USP?

Identify your own unique strengths and skills.  What are you good at?  What transferrable skills have you got?


  1. Work on your challenges

What challenges are you facing that are keeping you stuck?  What’s stopping you from moving forward?  This may be things like lack of confidence, current life or work commitments or maybe just fear of the unknown.   When you identify what’s holding you back, only then can you work on managing or eliminating any obstacles you may face.


  1. Create a plan

When you have figured out what you want, what you’re good at and how to eliminate your challenges, then it’s time to create a plan.  If the groundwork is not done before this step is carried out, then your goals will only ever be surface level.  Before setting any goal, you need to identify your why… why is this goal meaningful for you?  Ask yourself how achieving this will impact your life.


  1. Start taking action

Once you have set your goals, it’s a good idea to break your main goal down in to smaller manageable steps.  Instead of getting overwhelmed and trying to do it all at once, just start.  Start taking action today!  These steps will be different for everyone.  For me it was making the decision to go back to college and do a degree.


What’s the first step you can take today to move you closer to career fulfilment?


If you are looking for a change in direction and you are ready to:

  • Explore what’s really important to YOU in your career
  • Identify your own unique skills, strengths and qualities
  • Investigate your career options and create your personal action plan for career success
  • Identify and eliminate the obstacles that are standing in your way
  • Become clear on your career goals and objectives


Simply contact me to book your place on my career direction programme through the link below


What Others Are Saying


“Nicola has certainly helped me to reach my potential in my career and life. I now have my dream job and the confidence to be the very best version of myself all thanks to Nicola’s professional advice. Highly recommend her coaching” (Una, Kilkenny)


“When I started Nicola’s career direction program, I felt completely stuck. I was at a crossroads and had no idea what road to take. Since working with Nicola, I now understand who I am, what I really want from my career and most importantly, I now have the confidence to follow my dreams. Nicola’s approach was very professional and supportive at the same time. She was very skilled at helping me to see my potential and get the most from myself” (Marie, Dublin)


“Nicola helped me realise that I am the only one responsible for achieving my goals and has given me the tools to do this going forward. I would highly recommend her coaching services, very professional with a very down to earth, realistic approach” (Emer, Limerick)


Nicola helped me to go from feeling stuck to believing in myself to make life-changing decisions. She helped me to clarify my goals and take action to make those goals a reality. She has the unique ability to quickly connect and listen and come highly recommended by me” (John, Wexford)




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