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Recently, I had the pleasure of being one of three speakers on the panel at a Mum Talks monthly meet-up which was held in Café en Seine in Dublin.  I spoke alongside two other speakers, Lucy Wolfe – Ireland’s best-known sleep consultant and Liadán Hynes – freelance journalist and stylist working for a number of publications.  There was a very welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere from everyone involved; the organisers – Kara Heriot and Lucy O’Driscoll Edge, Liadán and Lucy and the audience alike. There were lots of mums there with babies which was fantastic, it is such a great supportive environment for mums to help remind them of the importance of taking care of not just their baby but to take care of themselves too.

These monthly meetups are great for mums with children of all ages, it is definitely a support that I would have really benefited from when my girls were babies.  I remember being at home, feeling completely isolated, it would have been great to have connected with so many other mums who were facing the same challenges as me at that time.  Doing this talk has led me to reflect on this particularly challenging time in my life. At the time, my husband and I were both full-time working parents living in Dublin. We made the decision to move to Wexford and that I would become a stay at home mum for a while.

Although, in ways it was extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to be there with my girls every day; to be there for the school run, the first steps, first words and all of the important milestones, I knew that there was something missing and that I needed to do something for me to the best I could be for both myself and my family.  I knew I couldn’t return to work in Accounts as I had felt totally unfulfilled in this role, so I made the tough decision to return to college to do a degree in social studies. It wasn’t easy as I had three small children, but I can safely say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

After my degree, I felt more focused and determined than ever. I quickly realised that helping people to build their confidence and reach their potential was what I was meant to do.  This is what led me to become an accredited trainer and a qualified coach and I have worked for the past few years training, coaching and mentoring people across a wide range of professions.

I now have my own life and career coaching business which I feel extremely passionate about.  I feel so privileged to be able to help others to have the life and career that they deserve just as I have gotten.  Being a busy mum of three, juggling my own business, family life (and all of the 250 million activities that come along with it!!), as well as my own wellbeing, I recognise the importance of living a balanced life. Sometimes it can feel like we’re being pulled in all directions and we can feel a real pressure to be all things to everyone!  I will work with you on how you can be fulfilled by your business, career and personal life. As your life becomes more balanced, you will have more energy to have the life and career you deserve.

I spoke about work-life balance for my talk at the Mum Talks event as I can relate to it directly and as a professional life and career coach, it is a challenge that many of my clients are facing.  I have worked with my own professional coach on creating a realistic balance in my life. It is something I work on continuously. Although it’s still not perfect (and never will be!), I now have a much better understanding of what will work for myself and my family.

Based on my own work and the work that I have done with many of my clients, I have developed a few tips for you to take away and implement into your own lives.

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