Impostor Syndrome
Do you feel inadequate?

Do you feel like a fraud and feel as though at any moment you will be found out?

Do you feel like a failure despite your successes?

Do you believe that you’re not as competent as others think you are?

Do you have a constant fear of failure?

If the answer is yes, then you may be suffering from impostor syndrome.


With impostor syndrome no matter how successful you are and how well you do at anything, you still feel inadequate and maintain the same negative beliefs about yourself. Even though you might appear confident to others, you have a constant fear of being found out. The more you accomplish, the more you just feel like a fraud!

If you suffer from impostor syndrome, you won’t acknowledge your strengths and achievements but instead focus on your perceived flaws or shortcomings. Is the feeling like you’re constantly faking it really draining you and damaging to your self worth? Are you tired of putting on a mask and just want to feel good enough?

If you feel this way, here are some helpful questions to explore:

What beliefs do you hold about yourself?

Is there any truth to what you are feeling right now?

Are you worthy just as you are?

Do you need to be perfect to gain the approval of others?

What strengths are you overlooking?

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